Girls Aloud star says Posh is too self-aware to smile

Cheryl Cole has revealed that she thinks Victoria Beckham is insecure – and is convinced that’s why she never smiles.

The Girls Aloud singer – who’s good pals with Posh, 33 – says she once tried to get the Spice Girl to ditch her trademark pout but failed to make a difference.

‘People don’t realise that Victoria is quite insecure,’ Cheryl, 24, tells Observer Music Monthly.

‘One night we went out for dinner and I was trying to make her laugh in front of the paparazzi just because they always say she’s miserable.

‘I was like, ‘”Go on, Victoria – just crack one smile!” And she was laughing, but she was covering her mouth with her bag.

‘And to me that’s insecurity. It’s a shame the way she’s treated – she’s treated so badly.’

Alison Adey