Singer tells husband Ashley Cole they need to make a new start

Cheryl Cole has reportedly told husband Ashley that he should put their home up for sale in Oxshott, Surrey.

She reckons the couple need a fresh start following allegations the footie hunk, 27, cheated on her.

‘Cheryl is convinced they both need a complete change of scenery as they try and work things out between them,’ says a source.

The Girls Aloud star also doesn’t want to have to face local gossips.

‘She knows a lot of people in the village and would find it difficult to walk around with her head held high after what’s happened between them,’ the source tells the Daily Mirror.

To save her marriage, Cheryl, 24, is said to have turned to a relationship counsellor – who she’s been speaking to twice a day.

‘Until the counsellor started helping her Cheryl felt low and discarded, like she wasn’t good enough,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘Ashley will have to agree to counselling on his own and as a couple. He must make a commitment and learn to be accountable.’

Cheryl’s spokesman was unavailable for comment.

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