Simon Cowell's claws are already out in full force for X Factor co-judge Cheryl Cole. But perhaps he's forgetting things...

Here at Now, we do love a good scrap between Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell.

And with the new series of The X Factor starting on Saturday with the MUCH anticipated return of Simon Cowell, 54, and Cheryl Cole, 31, we’re thrilled as punch that the two stars are back to their catfight best already.

But has the music mogul gone too far this time?

In a recent interview, when asked about Cheryl’s X Factor USA debut, Simon not only accused her of ‘putting on a bit of weight’ at the time, but that, ‘her hair and outfit were totally crazy. She’d lost her confidence.’

He then blurted out that he thought her marriage to love rat Ashley Cole lacked any sexual chemistry and they were more like ‘brother and sister’.


But Simon Cowell was on a roll. And this is where things took an interesting turn.

The big smoothie tells the latest issue of Radio Times that Cheryl was, ‘not really his type,’ before making a further dig that he probably wasn’t her type either ‘because I don’t look like a Premier League football player.’

Er, she’s only been out with one footballer, Simon. And they divorced four years ago.

Not only has he got his references outdated, he’s contradicted himself, too.

In his 2012 unauthorised biography Sweet Revenge: The intimate Life of Simon Cowell, he said he was ‘mesmerised’ by Cheryl adding: ‘I would have liked an affair with Cheryl. I felt like a mouse being played by a beautiful cat. She would drop her eyes and play the soulful victim to get around me. She played me.’

Maybe he’s just bitter that Cheryl, who married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in July, didn’t think of him as anything more than an uncle? An inappropriate one at that.

In reference to her new married surname, Simon added that he thought she had an ulterior motive for marrying Jean-Bernard.

Not because she’s in love with him, you understand.

But because of his NAME.

He explained: ‘I can’t remember her new surname to save my life. I think she’s married someone with a surname you can’t pronounce so she will become “Cheryl“, like Madonna and Beyoncé.’

Talk about sour grapes.

We can’t WAIT to hear how Cheryl responds…

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