Posting some cryptic messages on Twitter, fans are worried about Cheryl Fernandez-Versini


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has a lot on her mind at the moment. She’s got the X Factor coming up, and maintaining the volume and shine of that gorgeous hair must be a full-time job.

But it seems like there’s more than that to Cheryl’s mind, as the 32-year-old posted some tweets this week, that left us wondering if the popstar needs to getaway with a spa break. We’d happily keep her company…

In a now deleted tweet, the Fight for your Love singer wrote: ‘Is it just me or is there something really weird about this year?! It feels like a really strange year weird things keep happening?’

She then followed it with saying…

Ooh, we wonder who that could’ve been about?!

The tweets have left Cheryl’s soldiers – that’s fans to you and me – a bit worried about the star, as well as a wave of support from them.

From one outraged fan who couldn’t comprehend how anyone couldn’t like our Geordie lass: ‘I don’t know how people can be like that when you’re literally the best person ever.’

To another fan giving Cheryl words of wisdom and motivation: ‘don’t let a few silly people get you down the majority here appreciate what you do for everyone.’

But that’s not all of it. The plot thickens. These tweets come just days after she posted a quote on Instagram that was all a bit emosh.

‘I have fed mouths that have talked shit about me. I’ve wiped tears of the faces of the people that have caused mine. I have picked up people that have tried to knock me down.’

Aw Chezza!

The quote continues, asking is it’s crazy to stick through people who haven’t appreciated her, but nothing will knock our Cheryl down. She is a soldier after all remember!

‘I will NOT lose myself in the hatred of other; I continue to be me because , I am who I am and it is my nature. Life isn’t easy but even through all the bullshit…. I will still be here, being me.’

You. Go. Girl.

Maybe the quote could have been directed to ex-fellow X Factor judge, Louis Walsh, who called Cheryl ‘lazy and irrelevant’.

Don’t worry, our girl had it covered, and hit back to Louis and asked: ‘Dear Lou Lou. Try using your mouth to say something positive about something positive.’

Whatever the cause for these messages, it doesn’t seemed to have dampened Cheryl’s spirits too much, as she’s proper excited to start the new series of  the X Factor along with new judges Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora.

‘Excited to be back on The X Factor. Welcome to the show Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw.. and of course Cowell himself this year is going to be so much fun!!! We’re so excited to find the next star’

Ah we can’t wait! Saturday nights won’t know what’s hit it!

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Amy Lo