Cheryl spills the beans on EVERYTHING

We couldn’t be happy that Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is back on our screens as a judge on The X Factor.

Yup, Saturday nights just got GOOD!

The 32-year-old star has faced a torrent of abuse lately over her super slim frame but despite this, Chez has kept on smiling, sticking two fingers up to her body critics. There’s a lot more than meets the eye to our Chezza y’no?


Cheryl on…body-shaming

After critics accused Cheryl of having an eating disorder due to her teeny physique, the star hit back, claiming that her weight loss was down to the death of her husband, Jean-Bernard’s father.

Speaking to Evening Standard magazine, Cheryl says: ‘I can take whatever they throw at me after 13 years, what worries me is what it’s doing to the younger generation. And some of the people writing this are women. There is no sisterhood. The body shaming has to stop. It’s bullshit. Something has to be done, changed, even if it’s done in law.’

She adds: ‘I am very happy and very healthy. Every woman has a different body type and handles stress and grief differently.’

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Cheryl on…her French name

Cheryl secretly tied the knot to French man Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini last July but instead of the lengthened name, she still wants to be called, ‘Cheryl’.

‘Me name’s Cheryl,’ says the singer.

She also touches on the time that her X Factor co-star Nick Grimshaw called Cheryl by her old name of Cheryl Cole. She explains: ‘There have been reports that I got annoyed with Nick for calling me the wrong name. It’s bullshit. The only time I put someone in their place was when I was sat next to JB and someone called me it on purpose. It was disrespectful.’


Cheryl on…The X Factor

So why does Chez want to be a part of this year’s talent show?

‘I love nurturing talent. It’s what I want to do with my future: management, developing an artist,’ says Cheryl.


Cheryl on…politics

Despite her people saying it was taken out of context, during this year’s election campaign, Cheryl famously said that Labour’s Mansion Tax would ‘f**k her over.’

‘I should avoid politics because I can’t win,’ admits Cheryl, who was raised in a Newcastle council-estate – leaving school at 16 without any qualifications – and is now worth over £20 million.

‘Money doesn’t buy happiness. They say that only rich people say that but I’ve experienced both sides so I feel I’m qualified to judge,’ says Chez.


Cheryl on…her secret passion

She may be a superstar singer but Cheryl also has an obsession with something VERY different.

‘I have this passion for forensice science’, she says, adding: ‘but when I was younger, I only had one desire. I didn’t even have a plan B. It’s not strange to re-educated yourself these days.’

Hmm, future career move perhaps?


Cheryl on…Simon Cowell

Cheryl and Simon share a pretty incredible bond – we can’t enough of watching the TV duo!

But, at 55, does Cheryl think Simon is past his prime?

‘Oh, he’s on his last legs. But he knows that. He likes to think he’s in with the trendy,’ says Cheryl.