Uh-oh - it sounds like a certain somebody has upset Cheryl


Cheryl is never afraid to speak her mind when necessary and she’s REALLY not holding back in her latest Instagram post.


Cheryl becomes an emoji!

The 32-year-old singer made it clear in a cryptic message shared yesterday that somebody has upset her by apparently telling porkies to her face – which she knows aren’t true. Eek!

Chezza posted a photo of herself looking a bit narked and wrote: ‘That moment you’re listening to somebody telling you their version of a story. And you know the truth

‘you’re just there thinking wow. You are so full of s*%• it’s actually confusing those words can come out of your mouth !

‘#coolstorybro #whyualwayslyyyying ’

Uh-oh, this doesn’t sound good, Cheryl! The clearly annoyed X Factor judge hasn’t given us any hint as to who might have bothered her but it’s certainly got her followers speculating.

Several fans were amused by Ms Fernandez-Versini’s sassy message, with one commenting: ‘L M F A O!!! I’m so done with your hashtags!! Too funny!’

Another added: ‘shes a legend’ We’d have to agree with that!

Other loyal members of Cheryl’s fanbase simply sent messages of support.

‘You tell em chezza! whos lied? I wish i could help you xxxxx,’ one admirer offered.

So who could have offended Cheryl so much that she had to let it all out on Instagram? The former Girls Aloud star has previously bickered with Louis Walsh and it led some followers to question whether he was the culprit…

It remains a mystery though (come on, Chezza, give us a clue!), so let’s hope that the singer isn’t feeling quite so annoyed today!

Luckily she’s already proved that she’s in a positive frame of mind this morning, having posted a cute message on Twitter to start the day.

And good morning to you too, Ms Fernandez-Versini! We wish you a good day – with no liars involved!

Anna Francis