The former Girls Aloud star revealed her eating habits in a live Facebook video

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that those who are rich, famous and beautiful are just like us at the core.

And judging by some of her eating habits, it turns out that Cheryl is one of those very celebs who is actually pretty down to earth, as she’s spilled all on her favourite foods.

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Appearing on a live video on Jamie Oliver’s Facebook page, the 32-year-old star played the role of sous-chef on Friday afternoon as she helped Jamie and Gennaro Contaldo to prepare a salmon and chicken-based dish.

It was a big moment for the former X Factor judge, as she quickly admitted to Jamie that she was a big fan: ‘I use your recipes all the time!’ she gushed. There as part of Jamie Oliver’s #FoodRevolution campaign, Chez let us know how important food and nutrition is to her compared to when she was a child.

‘I knew nothing about food and food groups when I was at school,’ she began. ‘I would eat fish and chips at lunch time or a slice of pizza.’

The local schoolchildren who also appeared in the cooking segment seemed to be much more informed – and we weren’t the only ones impressed with their skills!

‘It’s embarrassing, I’m watching a 9 year old girl make a Greek salad better than I ever have. I can’t even cut an avocado without causing injury!’ Cheryl said.

'I can't cut an avocado!' Cheryl's admitted to a funny vegetable gripe

‘I can’t cut an avocado!’ Cheryl’s admitted to a funny vegetable gripe

Chez got up to some pounding and muddling with a pestle and mortar while answering a few questions from viewers – and when she was asked what ended up revealing what she loved to eat:

‘BBQ chicken at the mo. Spag Bol, I make good roast potatoes!’

Sounds like one Liam Payne is a lucky guy! And if you were wondering whether he returns the favour, wonder no more: the One Direction hunk is preparing dinner for Cheryl very soon – and he’ll be using one of Jamie’s recipes to inspire him. Bless!

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Cheryl and Liam Payne make the CUTEST couple – watch their love story below: