Cheryl opens up about her usually private married life to Jean-Bernard

Our favourite Geordie lass Cheryl, may be on our telly screens every weekend on The X Factor, but she’s actually a pretty private gal these days.

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But in an interview with InStyle magazine, the 32-year-old has finally opened up about her marriage to her French hubby, and it seems like they have lover’s tiffs just like the rest of us.

‘If I shout? You know it’s bad. But I save it for the big things – I never lost it over the toilet seat being left up.’

‘I’m not a sulker; I’ve learnt how to express my feelings in a calm way, even if I do want to shout.’

And if you’re thinking that Chezza’s busy lifestyle of  judging on The X Factor and being an L’oreal babe and just an all-round sweetheart in the limelight, might get in the way of her date nights, then sadly, sometimes it does – and we thought staying an extra half an hour late at the office was bad!

‘My day gets planned out in advance all the time, so I’m like, “Oh, actually, change that. We can’t meet tonight”.’

Apart from sometimes have to juggle round some appointments though, Cheryl’s actually pretty laid-back and chilled when it comes to being in a relationship and that she’s ‘low maintenance’, but she’s afraid that she may be a bit deluded as she knows that her ‘environment isn’t easy.’

Oh, and there is that small matter of Mr. Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini of not only having the swish-est name in showbiz, but also being a bit of a hottie. Seriously, could this couple BE any more hot?!

And Cheryl is very well aware of her hubby’s hot status: ‘thank you – it helps.’

But obvs, that’s not all that matters. There’s you know, personality and connection and all malarkey too that is much more important.

‘It shouldn’t matter – people can be shallow about stuff like that. Integrity is a big thing for me.’

It’s no surprise that Cheryl’s keeping her love life on the down-low these days after her and rocky marriage to footballer Ashley Cole, where he cheated on.

‘I coped in public and crumbled in private.’

But you know our Chezza, she’s a fighter and she knows that a ‘good sailor would never be a good sailor if he hadn’t experienced a rough sea.’

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Wow! See how much Cheryl has transformed!

Amy Lo