Rather you than us, Chez!


Being Cheryl is no mean feat, and the lovely lady has quite a lot to live up to…

However, it’s fair to say the 35-year-old manages to kill it every time – having recently launched herself back into the limelight following a four-year industry hiatus.


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After enjoying the quiet at home with baby Bear, Cheryl returned to the forefront of pop with the explosive tune Love Made Me Do It.

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Thank you @hitsradiouk you were AMAZING! ✨💃🏻

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Despite her superstar status, however, even goddesses like Chezza suffer a bout of the classic cringe sometimes – as demonstrated during her recent red-faced appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

During her appearance on the BBC show, Chezza bravely surrendered her own iPhone (and all it’s A-list contacts) for the hilarious Send To All sketch.

Giving funny-man Michael free reign of the device, the comedian began tapping out a very explicit message ready to send to all of Chezza’s contacts.

Tapping away on the phone, Michael began penning his message: ‘Hi babe! I’m getting private art lessons and my homework this week is life drawing. Would you come round and pose naked for me?’

As a mortified Chez began recoiling in fear over the fateful text, Michael continued: ‘‘It’ll only take a few hours, we can have a good natter and don’t worry I’ll whack the heating up.

‘If you’d rather we can position fruit and stuff in front of your naughty bits. Please say yes, need to know tonight!’

Before Michael could hit send on the message, Chez halted proceedings – asking if the text could be altered so it didn’t sound ‘so needy’, changing ‘please say yes’ to ‘let me know.’

After sending the rude message out to her entire phonebook, Cheryl’s worst fears were realised – after her dad became the first to reply!

Cheekily responding to daughter, her dad Gary replied: ‘It’s cold up here. I’ll only need a grape!’

Yup… rather you than us, Chez!

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show continues on BBC One at 7pm on Saturday January 5.