Cheryl Soldiers had to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for no Brits love…

Out of all the fan bases we always thought that Cheryl Fernandez Versini‘s Soldiers, were some of the calmer, less trolling types. Not the kinds to send death threats, or send a plague of locusts upon love interest’s and enemies’ houses.

However we were a little bit wrong. While Jean-Bernard may be OK, and people and Ashley Cole is now called Ashley Who? BRITs nomineeJessie Ware has not escaped the wrath.

Jessie Ware? We hear you cry! She’s surely one of the most harmless pop stars out there, with her shiny hair and dulcet tones?

Well people… she only went and got nominated for a Brit Award for Best British Solo Act when Chezza was snubbed.

Oh that evil, Brits thieving, Queen! How dare she steal Cheryl‘s glory by releasing nice sounding music for an award that she can’t nominate herself for!

Speaking to The Daily Star, Jessie said: ‘A lot of Cheryl army people tweeted me saying, “Who the f**k is Jessie Ware?” I did feel slightly guilty that Cheryl wasn’t nominated… The Cheryl army go in hard. One person said, “This f**king Jessie has had two mediocre charting singles”. It’s a fair point and quite correct.’

How modest of you, Jessie, but we all know single sales mean naught at the Brits.

Other ladies nominated for the award are: Ella Henderson, FKA Twigs, Lily Allen and Paloma Faith. We wonder if they all had had a bunch and angry messages posted to them as well. In all fairness, Lily Allen can be quite mouthy, so we imagine she gets quite a lot of anger tweeted at her.

What do you think of Cheryl Cole not being nominated for a Brit Award? Fair enough, or do you think she’s been an exemplary example of British Female Solo Artist talent over the past 12 months? Oh do share…@NowMag

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Lauren Franklin