Girls Aloud star builds bridges with rival singer

Long-term rivals Cheryl Cole and Charlotte Church could be about to bury the hatchet for good.

The pair have been exchanging a war of words ever since Girls Aloud accused 20-year-old Charlotte of pinching their sound.

She retorted by saying when Cheryl, 23, could sing Ave Maria she’d win the right to have a go.

But Cheryl’s now desperate to make amends and thinks that part of the problem is that they’ve got similar personalities.

‘We’ve got a lot in common,’ she writes in The Daily Mirror. ‘We both speak our minds. Things just spiralled out of control.

‘Good on her, she’s got her own programme. I think it’s amazing. We all watch when we have time off.

‘I’m upset that it got like that. It’s unnecessary.’

But the Girls Aloud singer is still keen to maintain some distance. ‘I wouldn’t hug her if I saw her though’, she says. ‘I wouldn’t go that far.’