Pet Chihuahua trapped Girls Aloud star in her own home

Cheryl Tweedy was late for her band’s concert after her dog Buster wouldn’t let her leave the house.

The rest of Girls Aloud had to sit outside Cheryl’s London pad, which she shares with hubby Ashley Cole, until the pet Chihuahua decided to let her go.

More than 2,500 fans were left twiddling their thumbs for an hour at Stansted House in Havant, Hampshire, waiting for the band to arrive.

‘Buster refused to let Cheryl out his sight,’ says bandmate Nadine Coyle. ‘Every time she took him back into her house he followed her back out. In the end we were so late we just decided to bring him with us.’

Cheryl, 23, said: ‘It was the first time he’d seen me live. It was like having my number one fan with me.’