Olly Murs reveals to Cheryl on The Xtra Factor that he loves a bit of 90s R’n’B to kiss along to

We all love a good playlist right? Whether it’s that one you made for your house party last weekend, or that one that brings a bit of a tear to your eye as it reminds you of good ol’ uni times.

And the X Factor gang have been revealing what songs they have on their playlists to Xtra Factor duo, Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom, which you can watch HERE –  Inlcuding what songs they like to get it on to. Oo-er.

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Olly Murs is quick to answer when Rochelle asks what song they like to snog and get frisky to.

‘Anything Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love to You

We’ve got to hand it to the boy, that IS a classic. Cheryl on the other hand doesn’t seem so sure.

As well as scrunching up her face with a look of ‘Oh god Olly’, Cheryl says: ‘I’m not into music snogging, I don’t like that. Because I’d have to be in rhythm. It would annoy us if they weren’t in time.’

Rhythm pashing? Yeah, we’re with Chezza on this one, nah ta.

Nick Grimshaw agrees as well, saying he thinks it’s distracting.

But Melvin is on hand to help.

‘I’ve got a playlist that can help you…slow jams playlist. You can borrow it.’

He seems pretty chuffed with himself, before Rochelle slams it down as only having one song and being.

Melvin offers to give Cheryl a copy of the playlist, but as she puts her head in her hands, she’s all like ‘Nah I’m alright cheers.’

Other songs that on the judges playlists include summer guilty pleaseure, Cheerleader by OMI, which our Geordie lass loves getting out of bed to.

Nick always goes for a bit of Dr.Dre and Eminem for his karaoke song – oooh a toughie! But as he goes on to rap out the verses perfectly, we can completely picture him rocking this on a night out.

They all take a pretty slick and laid back one-arm-on-the-wheel-and-lean-back stance when talking about driving songs, and Cheryl even starts singing cheeky chappy Olly’s little diddy, Wrapped Up.

Right, so when Now That’s What I Call X Factor! Coming out then?

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Amy Lo