They might have looked cute once but these child stars haven’t been so sweet as adults

From run-ins with the law to dodgy TV appearances, many of our favourite child stars have ended up going down the wrong path as adults.

The latest young actor to find themselves in trouble is Star Wars’ Jake Lloyd, who memorably played the cute Anakin Skywalker (who goes on to become Darth Vader) in 1999 film Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

Jake, now 26, was arrested following a dramatic 25-mile car chase in Charleston, South Carolina on 17 June. After reaching speeds of 160km/h, Jake eventually drove off into a woodland area and plowed his car into a tree.

He was charged with reckless driving, failure to stop, resisting arrest and driving without a license.

It’s not the first time that Jake has been involved in a worrying incident. The former actor’s mum Lisa claims that her son is schizophrenic and informed police that he attacked her in March after going off his medication.

Jake quit acting following his role in Star Wars and later revealed that becoming a star at such a young age – having only been 8 when he landed the coveted part – had made his childhood a ‘living hell’.

‘Other children were really mean to me,’ he said in a 2012 interview.

‘They would make the sound of the light saber every time they saw me. It was totally mad.’

The actor even destroyed all of his Star Wars memorabilia as he was so angry about what had happened.

Jake’s not the only child star to go bad though. These famous names also went off the rails after finding fame at a young age…

Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell

Known for playing Screech in the hit 1990s series Saved By The Bell, 38-year-old Dustin has had quite a bit of trouble with the law. The American actor was sentenced to four months in prison last week after being involved in a bar brawl where a man was stabbed.

The incident happened in December during a night out with his partner Amanda Schutz in Wisconsin. Dustin was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.

Brian Bonsall from Family Ties

33-year-old Brian played the adorable youngest member of the Keaton clan, Andy, in the 1980s TV series Family Ties. But as an adult he’s faced charges of assault and using marijuana.

Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch

Best known as Hobie Buchannon in Baywatch, Jeremy, 34, found fame in the early 1990s. He claims to have developed a drug problem during his time on the show and in 2000 was arrested for setting up a crystal meth lab in his home.

Jeremy has faced other controversies too and in April was taken into police custody in West Lake, LA for assault with a deadly weapon. He also hit headlines earlier this year when he was kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house for opening Chloe Goodman’s dressing gown without her consent.