Eeek! These fans are divided...

Geordie Shore‘s Chloe Ferry is currently enjoying a hot summer holiday in Ibiza, no doubt partying the day and night away.

And the Geordie lass has of course been sharing a string of glamorous pics, but her latest snap has got her followers talking.


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Chloe shared a sizzling shot of her pert derrière with her 2.3million Instagram followers on Tuesday.

And we have to say she is looking AH-mazing, but several of her followers are doubting her bod.

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Chlo’s fans have claimed that she may have used Photoshop to make her bum look bigger.

One user wrote: ‘Is it just me or is the wall curved on the right hand side ??’

Another said, ‘that is not your ass! Photoshop much.’ 

Whilst others thought the 21-year-old’s booty had been surgically enhanced.

‘Why does your bum look massive but it ain’t really this big on ex on beach unless you’ve had something done,’ one user said.

Another said: ‘She’s had surgery’.

A third added: ‘It’s fat transfer’.

Whilst a fourth said: ‘She has had ass implants’.

Chloe has been very open about having surgery in the past, and has even said she was ‘ugly’ before she underwent the procedures.

She previously shared images of herself after undergoing a nose job, and of her getting fillers in her lips.

According to The Sun the reality star has also had veneers, her eyebrows tattooed, dermal cheek fillers, Botox and an eyebrow lift.

She even revealed to the newspaper her plans for a second nose job, the Geordie girl said: ‘I’m going to get another nose job because I’m not very happy with my nose. Basically, my nose is just so small. It’s too small and I can’t breathe. I’m going to have my nostrils widened.’

Chloe is yet to confirm or deny whether or not she has had surgery to enhance her bum, though has previously insisted she wouldn’t.

As long as this lady is happy with her body that’s all that matters.