Chloe's concerning admission follows yesterdays distressing breakdown.

Yesterday, a very distressed Chloe Ferry begged for the cruel jibes about her appearance to stop in a string of alarming videos.

Taking to her Instagram story, the 23-year-old Geordie babe pleaded for the nasty comments she continually receives to stop.

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After explaining how painful the online targeting is, Chloe shared: ‘Please leave me alone cause if you knew how I actually felt and knew things about me you would be shocked!’

And today, Newcastle native Chloe sounded alarm bells again – suggesting her boyfriend, Sam Gowland, has broken up with her amid the emotional turmoil.

Taking to Twitter, Chloe shared a thread alluding to a ‘new start in life’.

‘When someone can leave you when your feeling so low about your self they are not worth it!

‘Sometimes in life you just need to take a step away and just think about your self,’ Chloe shared.

Tellingly, the reality TV star added: ‘Crazy how everything can be so perfect and the next it’s all gone so quickly time for new starts in life.

‘Don’t ever be second best be with someone who always puts you first and will do anything for you like you would do for them.’

Fans have been quick to reach out with supportive words for Chloe during her hour of need.

‘Unfortunately when we feel so low about ourselves is the time we realise who our love ones are. Forget the Negative and think of the positive, you are beautiful person,’ shared one user.

Another added: ‘Sending love to you Chloe hope you’re ok you’ll get through whatever it is you’re going through lovely.’

Sending our best to Chloe during this tricky time.