She doesn't hold back...

It seems like everyone has an opinion about the Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby ectopic pregnancy drama, but one person in particular is NOT happy with Geordie Shore star: Chloe Goodman.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star even accused Gaz of thinking of his penis before anyone else. Jeez.

Last week Charlotte revealed that she suffered an ectopic pregnancy – which is where the embryo embeds itself outside of the womb, normally in the fallopian tube – while Gaz filmed Ex On the Beach in Thailand. The 26-year-old has since admitted that she could have ‘died’.

Both have given their sides of the story…

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But now it’s Chloe Goodman’s turn to chip in.

[Palace Lee/REX/Shutterstock]

[Palace Lee/REX/Shutterstock]

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, the 22-year-old said: ‘The fact Gaz decided to stay on the show was disgusting… How could anyone choose a show in that situation.

‘Gaz is a compulsive liar and a cheat. Charlotte could have died and he’s more bothered about sh***ing girls.’

‘You can’t get any lower. He only cares about himself and his d**k.’

While Charlotte claims that Gaz said he would return to England as she recovered and never arrived, the 28-year-old revealed in his column for the Daily Star that he offered


He said: ‘I spoke to Charlotte and she said she was surviving with her mam and friends nearby, that I was under contract to continue filming, and she told me to stay there.’

The pair have both agreed not to speak about each other in public ever again after last week, but we imagine he has a few things to say about Chloe Goodman…

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