Chloe's waiting for her 'Teddy Bear' while he's in the house


After a spin of the wheel from James Whale ended her Celebrity Big Brother stint last Friday, Chloe Khan has had to get used to life back in the real world pretty quickly.

Having emerged to a chorus of boos, it seemed as if public perception of her wasn’t as positive as she may have hoped – and this was likely to do with her controversial relationship with housemate Stephen Bear.

For one, he had a girlfriend upon entering the house, and to say that he’s been on the bad side of most housemates would be an understatement. But Chloe pursued him anyway, and according to her it may be the beginnings of something special – as she’s now admitted that she ‘loves’ him!

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Chloe spoke out on her time in the house on Monday’s edition (15th August) of This Morning, telling Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford how ‘intense’ it was, and her feelings on how she’s been portrayed on TV.

‘When I first went in I was doing fine, but the Bear thing changed how I came across,’ she admitted – yet, it was seemingly an easy decision‘I had to make a choice between being happy in there or being miserable.’

Chloe Khan on This Morning

Chloe Khan on This Morning

Seeing as Chloe had previously claimed that Bear, 25, wasn’t her type, Ruth began to question what her attraction was to him – however, Eamonn jumped in with a pointed comment about his personality.

‘He’s a controller, and you fell for it,’ Eamonn began. ‘He controls everybody, he has to control the agenda of the day, he controlled you, and that suited his agenda.’


However, Chloe remained unrattled and disagreed, professing their ‘plans’ for the future: ‘We have got plans, he did ask me to wait for him, and he said he’d wait for me if he went that night. He said that we’d go away for a few days when he gets out.’

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Talking more about Bear, Chloe also confirmed that she’d had no idea that he had a girlfriend, Lillie Lexie Gregg, when they first got together, but by then he knew he was over the relationship. ‘He’d made a decision that he didn’t want to be with her, he obviously couldn’t get out and tell her, but he wanted it to be known,’ Chloe reasoned.

Well, we’ve heard of more romantic beginnings to relationships, if we’re honest…!

She concluded the interview by telling the show anchors her strong feelings for him: ‘I love him as a person.’

Aww – well, here’s hoping her waiting will all be worth it!