'Oh Jesus...'


Former TOWIE star Chloe Lewis has been slated by her followers after she shared a photo of her figure just two weeks after giving birth.

Chloe Lewis

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The Essex reality babe welcomed her first son with boyfriend Danny Flasher earlier this month and was keen to show off her post partum bod on Instagram.

Posing for a mirror selfie, Chloe bared her tight, toned physique in a skimpy white underwear set and shared the photo beside one of her with her swollen pregnancy bump.

Captioning the photo she wrote, ‘It’s just MAGICAL how you can grow a perfect little human inside of you… they arrive & it’s as if they have been here forever 👶🏼💙 #2weekspostpartum.’


Praising an Essex based pilates studio for their help in getting her bod looking seriously in shape, Chloe added, ‘Thank you to @zerogravitypilates for helping my bod bounce back with all the training I did before & while pregnant).’

In the comment section, dozens of fans applauded Chloe for her impressively toned tum including pregnant pal Lydia Bright who wrote, ‘You look absolutely amazing my darling. New mom goals 🔥.’

But many hit back at Lydia’s comment and criticised Chloe for setting unrealistic standards for women who have just given birth.

She looks amazing but it puts unwanted pressure on new mothers just trying to enjoy having a baby,’ one wrote.

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I feel sad for new mums in the trenches who see this and feel they don’t measure up or that they are failing because they don’t look like this in two weeks,’ agreed another.

Later a third remarked ‘Oh Jesus. The word irresponsible comes to mind…!

And one more fiery comment read, ‘Try feeding your baby, getting as much sleep as you can and getting to grips with your new routines NOT taking selfies of yourself in the mirror that are SO unrealistic and damaging to new moms everywhere.’