Err, do you agree?

It’s not everyday that you get a rugby player having a breakdown about the modern fashion industry but here we are with James Haskell.

Chloe Madeley‘s boyfriend was walking through Soho during London Fashion Week and was less than impressed with the alternate fashion stylings of the pundits. He was so unimpressed that he decided to drop a hilarious truth-bomb on us all.

My view on London Fashion week! Please do bare in mind, i have no fashion sense myself!

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The 31-year-old said: ‘I have never seen, so many, badly dressed people in my entire life. I obviously know nothing about fashion – I’ve got some of the worst fashion sense going – I don’t understand what passes as fashion these days.’

It was probably the men who confused him the most…


‘It’s just looks like you go through your nan’s closet, wear the worst fitting things you can find, put some white sock’s on, put doc martin’s on, roll the bottom of your sleeves up… of your trousers, get a haircut that makes you look like a twat.’

But, Chloe, if you’re listening, maybe stay away from London Fashion Week. Or at least don’t wear the clothes…

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‘Some of the women look like they’ve got in a mattress cut a hole in the mattress, put a dust sheet on it, set fire to it. I just don’t get fashion.’

Like he said, James Haskell is not a man of fashion. But maybe these LFW people can give you a bit of advice on something else…

Sorry what where you saying @madeleychloe ? Full pose mode for @budgysmuggler

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