Chloe turns to her famous mum for support

Chloe Madeley has revealed that both she and her mum Judy Finnigan suffer from anxiety attacks.

Chloe has been in the public eye a lot over the past few years and TV presenter mum Judy, 64, helps her to cope with the attention.

‘We’re both very emotional and suffer from anxiety,’ says Chloe, 25.

‘I’ve had a weird few years – I got a lot of flak from the press, and I’m not the kind of person who can take it.

‘Whenever I’m having a hard time, Mum guides me through. She understands how a situation can become overwhelming.

‘When she first started at This Morning, she would sit in the toilet having an anxiety attack before she went on air.’

Impulsive Chloe, who is dating actor and personal trainer Danny Young, often causes her mum to worry.

‘I get cross when Chloe’s restless,’ Judy tells The Observer Magazine.

‘She’s impulsive and can suddenly decide that she’s going to drive to Essex late at night to see her boyfriend.

‘That sort of thing irritates me, but we don’t tend to argue.’

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