We LOVE Chloe Madeley for this!

Fitness fanatic Chloe Madeley has brightened up our Thursday morning with her latest Instagram post.

The 28-year-old star regularly posts photos of her incredible physique, workout sessions in the gym and loved-up snaps with her rugby-player boyfriend James Haskell, but after receiving rude comments from a fan, Chloe has named and shamed!

Chloe Madeley: ‘Sex is better when you’re fit’
Oh yes, we LOVE Ms Madeley for this.

Chloe uploaded a screenshot of her Instagram notification page where two of the notifications were vulgar comments left by ‘robmac1958’.

Alongside the photo, Chloe wrote: ‘Shout out to @robmac1958 who posts pictures of his wife, who looks like a lovely woman, and who I doubt knows that he writes comments like this on 28year old’s Instagram accounts…
What up Rob .’

Sorry, but this is pretty funny! Chloe has since deleted the photo.

Unfortunately, the comments are a little bit rude for us to repeat, but let’s just say, they aren’t the kindest of remarks…

Chloe is no doubt super excited at the moment as tomorrow marks the first day of 2015’s Rugby World Cup, where James will take centre stage on the pitch.

In the build up to the sporting event though, Chloe and fellow rugby WAG Camilla Kerslake have allegedly fallen out although on Wednesday, Chloe slammed these rumours by posting a selfie of her and Camilla looking friendlier than ever.

Alongside the pic she wrote: ‘I’m just super surprised that a tabloid pitted the classical singer and the half naked selfie taker against each other…whaaat a shocker.
This was taken the night the slanging match supposedly took place…
So, I have an idea, let’s focus on and support the important people shall we tabloids? Hint, they’re the big ones in white.’
We’re glad to see there’s no rugby WAG tensions!