Chloe Madeley is looking super lean and fab right now! Take a look at some of the foods she's been enjoying...

One of our favourite fitspos, Chloe Madeley, is looking fit and fabulous right now, if her latest Instagram upload is anything to go by. The Personal Trainer and Nutritionist has been documenting her diet and training regime over recent weeks on social media as she gets shredded for a photo shoot.

Sharing gym wear and underwear shots, Ms Madeley is proof that if you want something enough, you have to work seriously hard for it! Taking to Instagram, Chloe shared this photo claiming that she’s followed her food and gym plan 100 percent adding that saying ‘no’ to some of her favourite foods takes a lot of effort.

We can only imagine!

Week 9 ✅ 9 weeks of 💯 #diet and #training all out EFFORT and HARD WORK (see my website if you're curious to read about it). No, this is NOT my normal #body type and no, this is not a walk in the park for me because it's "my job". As those of you who follow me will know, I get up early to #train or I drive long distances to the #gym late at night to #train. Which I hate 🤢 I am PERPETUALLY surrounded by good #food (yes I LOVE #CARBS too) and good drink (I am a wine and whisky nut 🍷🥃😍) and it takes a hell of a lot of effort for me to say NO, every, single, weekend…9 weekends in a row…but I do…because I know I can't get what I want in the long term if I break in the short. Yes, if you want to do it, you can too. Yes, I do suggest building #muscle for a few weeks / months before shedding #fat…at least that's what I do anyway. My 12 week #body transformation guide instructs you on how to do both in terms of your diet and training, again on Tomorrow is my last shoot followed by a #cheat and rest day before I start my new plan on Tuesday. The new plan will see me SLOWLY and progressively decrease my #cardio and increase my #calories and #macros over the course of a few weeks, so I can start to #gain #muscle again in a healthy and gradual way. Having a low #body fat is mentally and physically hard after a few weeks and not something I'm interested In maintaining mainly for my mental health 🤡 Thanks guys for egging me on, you fucking motivate me like you wouldn't believe and I'm SO GRATEFUL for your support and applause, it feels AMAZING. Thank you @jameshask for your amazing encouragement. I know my followers give you stick for eating ALL THE FOOD in front of me but truth be told I love watching you enjoy your life because you're the reason I enjoy mine. I love you and I'm beyond lucky Ive got you by my side. Week 9 done…time to relax 🍕😴

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So, what HAS Chloe been munching on to get her body in such good shape? The star has shared a range of tasty food pics on social media, and if we’re honest, it does all look pretty tasty! Because, after all…abs are made in the kitchen…

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For breakfast, Chloe has been enjoyed egg white omelettes with plenty of veg. In fact, during a recent trip away, Chloe managed to get the chef to make her ‘the fluffiest’ egg white omelette she’d ever seen. Impressive!

The fitness expert also mixes up her food depending on whether it’s a low carb or a high carb day. Here, she shares an example of a low carb lunch; 1 cup of broccoli mash and 120g chicken with hot sauce!

Low #carb day #Lunch: 1 cup #Broccoli mash / 120g chicken / hot sauce Don't knock this bad boy until you try him 🤤

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When it comes to snacking, Chloe knows to enjoy herself. We aren’t talking carrot sticks with dips here – hell no! Chloe shared a photo of Nom popcorn sprinkled over a bowl of chocolate protein oats. Now THIS looks tasty. How does she make the protein oats? She revealed that it’s 25g of oats, her own brand FitnessFondue choc protein powder and 15g of 83% less sugar chocolate spread. Simples.

Chloe is also a fan of a post–workout hard-boiled egg as well as her own invention of rice-cake cereal, which we’re guessing is broken up rice cakes with milk.

As for eating out, Chloe explains that it’s taken her years to learn how to diet and still go out for food. Here, she enjoyed a jumbo king prawn to start. Protein, ladies!

Alongside this, Chloe has revealed that she’s followed a strict exercise regime of weights and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to get her looking lean and toned!

Although we massively admire Chloe’s dedication, we’re just not sure we can give up our 11am cake JUST yet.