We asked a body language expert to give us the goss on Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham's budding romance

Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are fast becoming our favourite are-they-aren’t-they celebrity couple in the world ever (sorry Chris Martin and J-Law!).

In fact, shall we all just start calling them Brookle? Chlolyn? We’ll keep working on it…

As Becks Jr, 15, joined his rumoured movie star girlfriend on the red carpet for the second time in a fortnight for Chloe‘s If I Stay LA film premiere last night, he wore what is fast becoming his go-to date look. And we love it.

Jacket with rolled up sleeves? Check. Gelled up quiff? Check. Mirrored sunnies casually hanging off his neckline? Check. And of course trainers to top off that ‘I might have millions in the bank but I’m still young enough to ride a skateboard, OK?’ look.

Still not content with probing this blossoming teen romance (we seriously think we may have more butterflies in our tummy than Chloe, 17, does) we asked body language expert Judi James to have a squiz at their secret signs and tell us if she thinks it’s for real. And here are her findings:

Brooklyn and Chloe look sweet together but they are young teens, meaning the love-match a lot of the press are claiming is probably a bit premature at present.’

No! Say it ain’t so!

Judi adds: ‘They clearly enjoy one another’s company because the suppressed smiles they sport when facing one another show they should be perfect company on a big night out.’ Yes? Tell us more…

‘Apart from that there are no “romantic” signals as they are very carefully touch-free.

‘They look like-minded and seem to admire one another, but before the romantics get carried away this type of intense mirroring is common in friendships as well as relationships.’

But what we really want to know is, did they sit at the back of the cinema and have a sneaky snog whilst the film was on?

Louise Bennett

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