Last nights episode of TOWIE certainly revealed some very interesting aspects of Chloe Sims' relationship with Elliott Wright…

The things we do 12 times a day include thinking about what we’re having for dinner and, er, debating whether we should have that fourth Jaffa Cake (it’s got orange in it, surely it’s actually really healthy?).

However, this couldn’t be further from the things Chloe Sims, 32, finds herself up to.

According to James Lockie and Danielle Armstrong on last nights TOWIE, Chloe has been put on a ‘every two hours’ sex schedule by Elliott Wright.

You heard right folks… every. two. hours.

Just before the end of last nights episode Danielle and Lockie were stood in the sea discussing their relationship crisis (if you’re going to do it you might as well do it dressed in all white stood in the Marbella ocean) when the topic turned to Elliott and Chloe’s relationship which apparently makes theirs ‘look normal’.

And for those of you who missed the conversation over the sound of those crashing Marbs waves (and possibly the echo of GC‘s strop moments before after Vas called her ‘overbearing’), Lockie then went on to say ‘he’s got her on a schedule for sex, they have sex every two hours’ to which Danielle replied ‘He’s all or nothing Elliott’. Sure looks like it…

And it turns out Elliott will not let any possible distraction interrupt his strict regime, as Danielle then revealed ‘He wouldn’t get her a chicken kebab last night in case she got tired and didn’t want to sleep with him’. Okay we get that chicken kebabs aren’t exactly an aphrodisiac but who could ever deny a girl a chicken kebab?! Lockie was right when he then said ‘they’ve got issues’… serious kebab issues.

Although we’re still unsure whats going on between Chloe and Elliott (do they even know?!) throughout the episode Elliott was very open of his affections of Miss Sims, and said being in Marbella with her is sad because he is ‘under no illusions she’s not going home’. And it doesn’t look like it’ll just be the sex schedule he’ll miss either, telling Chloe ‘I’ll love you forever’ just before the end of the episode.

Now, is there an every-two-hours schedule for Jaffa Cakes? Anyone?

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Alice Perry