The fight made headlines around the world

Chloe Sims may have just suggested that the video of Lindsay Lohan altercation with her fiancé was set up for the paparazzi.

The TOWIE star was talking about the recent spate in nudes caught by keen paps, such as Orlando Bloom‘s now infamous photos while naked paddle boarding with girlfriend Katy Perry and Justin Bieber skinny dipping.

She wrote in her column for Star magazine: ‘Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have been papped naked. I’m sceptical about things like that and I reckon the pictures were set up with paparazzi.’

Lindsay Lohan and Egor [Instagram]

Lindsay Lohan and Egor [Instagram]


But then the mum-of-one goes on to suggest Lindsay Lohan’s high-profile ‘fight’ with her fiancé Egor Tarabasov was also in the same vein.

She adds: ‘The same goes for that video of LiLo getting manhandled by her boyfriend. I can’t believe none of them knew they had been caught on camera.’

This appears to state that the distressing image was set up by the paparazzi.

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The video itself shows Lindasay being grabbed by Egor after she jumped from their car in Mykonos, Greece.



Chloe Sims isn’t the only person to come under fire for comments made about the Lindsay Lohan video. Comedian Keith Lemon – real name Leigh Francis – was criticised for posting a screencap with the caption: ‘Lindsay Lohan and her boyfriend rehearsing for Strictly. Good luck guys.’