Chris Brown has caused controversy as he posts a video openly mocking Kanye West's fashion show...

Quite the controversial star, Chris Brown has managed to cause an uproar again- this time by posting a pretty bizarre video containing insulting comments aimed towards Kanye West‘s fashion show.

The 26-year-old performer took to Instagram yesterday to post a video showing still shots from Kanye‘s New York Fashion week show, Yeezy Season 2.

The shots are mocked up with the puppet style faces of Caitlyn Jenner, Jay-Z and Kanye and accompanied with a voice over that proceeds to imitate them.

Caitlyn, who is mocked up as one of the Yeezy models, begins the video. Cait is heard complaining about wearing some ‘Hunger Games looking s**t’- of course, referring to Kanye‘s Yeezy collection. To be fair, Katniss Everdeen always looks pretty darn good…

The video then pans to a Kanye imitation, in which he is heard saying ‘You’re gonna kick back and watch this s**t like a movie, one Yeezy fit is like a thousand Gucci’.

The final still is a shot of Kanye‘s close friend and business partner Jay-Z, who says ‘What kind of f***king outfit is this, can you please remind me, man this s**t weird’.

Chris, who captioned the video with several laughing crying emoji’s, has since received A LOT of mixed attention on his post. Some find the post amusing, however others have urged the video to be taken down.

Chris‘ choice to post this video openly mocking Kanye is pretty brave considering his close friendship with the Jenner and Kardashian girls. This isn’t the first time he has openly criticised the family, however. We don’t know about you, but we sense a bit of a frenemy here…

On revelation of Caitlyn‘s infamous Vanity Fair cover, Chris shared a picture that  offensively called Cait ‘science project Bruce Jenner’. He later deleted the post.

Kylie Jenner called him out for his offensive remarks (the teen tweeted back ‘Not very nice thing to say about your friends dad’), so we wonder what the Kardashian Klan will make of Chris‘ latest outburst?!

Oh, Mr Brown- don’t you remember the ‘If you have nothing nice to say’ rule of thumb?!


Alice Perry