Singer's dad concerned about Chris and Rihanna

Chris Brown‘s dad has admitted that he worries his son could end up like Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse and die young.

Chris, 24, has rebuilt his career after assaulting on-off girlfriend Rihanna, 25, in 2009 but his father fears he could spiral out of control again.

I do worry about that because I look at circumstances,’ says Clinton Brown, 48.

I hate to use examples, but Michael, Whitney and Amy – I could go on and on. Is that a given that you can’t have fortune and fame without this being the end result?

I really worry about that. My greatest fear for Chris is that he’s not going to be happy, that he’s not going to have a comfort zone and it’s all going to be tainted by all of this that he has done.

Michael Jackson is probably one of the greatest artists ever and I wonder, has there ever been a day he was truly happy?’

The Fine China singer has previously posted snaps of himself smoking marijuana on Instagram and Clinton wishes there was someone in his son’s entourage to stop him from behaving badly.

It’s one of those unfortunate circumstances where you’re not going to have anyone there to pull you in,’ he tells The Sun.

A lot of people around you become yes men, and you don’t have anyone who keeps it real and says, “Look, you’ve had enough”.

I guess that’s part of the lifestyle but I wish it wasn’t. Maturity helps. As you get older you start to really think about what you do.

But being young, I don’t know if he has the maturity not to go over the top – I hope he has. He’s a smart kid and I hope he realises the fallacy of doing those things in large quantities.’

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