Nathaneal Wilson claims former boxer is his father


A teenager who claims to be the ‘secret son’ of Chris Eubank has spoken out about the former boxer.

Nathaneal Wilson’s mother Cynthia, 46, fell pregnant while dating the star in 1987.

But Chris is said to have told her he wanted nothing to do with the boy – and a paternity battle was fought, with the 41-year-old reportedly paying an out-of court settlement for maintenance.

Now Nathaneal, 19, has slammed Chris for abandoning him – and for giving up his other teenage sons for adoption 2 years ago.

Irene Hutton, 51, was made legal guardian to Chris Junior, 18, and Sebastian, 16, in November 2006. They now live with her in Las Vegas.

‘At least he had the semi-decency to play some role in their lives as they grew up,’ Nathaneal says. ‘I was denied a father figure from the moment I was born because Chris was not man enough to face up to his responsibilities.

‘When I read in your newspaper how he had signed away his two proud sons to a virtual stranger, I felt numb. All my own childhood feelings of deep hurt came flooding back.’

Chris and ex wife Karron, 42, also have daughter Emily, 14, and son Joe, 11. They divorced in 2005.