Chris Junior and Sebastian abandon Las Vegas adoptive mum Irene Hutton


The sons that Chris Eubank gave up for adoption in the US have returned to live with their mum Karron.

Single mum Irene Hutton, 51, was made legal guardian to Chris Junior, 18, and Sebastian, 16, in November 2006 after the family spent time with her in Las Vegas.

The adoption was formalised by a Nevada judge last July.

But now the boys have abandoned their American adoptive mother after she spoke out publicly about the arrangement.

Former boxer Chris, 41, and ex wife Karron, 42, are said to have stipulated that the adoption be kept secret.

‘There are definitely no plans to send them back to America yet and certainly not with Irene,’ Karron tells the News Of The World.

‘Irene broke our trust. She’s a traitor. The boys are very upset.’

But Irene has vowed to launch a custody battle to get Chris Junior and Sebastian back.

‘Now that the story has come out about it I think Karron is scared that she looks like a bad mother so she has snatched them back,’ she tells The Sunday People.

Chris and Karron also have daughter Emily, 14, and son Joe, 11. They divorced in 2005.