Presenter spends time with the child he last saw as a baby


Chris Evans has had a secret meeting with his long-lost daughter Jade Ward.

The TV presenter split up with 21-year-old Jade’s mum Alison Ward shortly after she gave birth.

The pair have had little contact over the years, but after an emotional reunion in London last week Chris is now determined to make up for lost time.

‘Jade has always been in Chris’s heart,’ a source says. ‘He’s gutted that he’s missed out on so much of her life.

‘The meeting could not have gone any better. They got on like a house on fire.’

Chris, 42 – who briefly met up with Jade 5 years ago – took her for a 3-hour lunch in London last week.

And mum Alison, 41, is thrilled that they’re finally getting to know one another.

‘We had a lovely time and Jade is very happy,’ she tells Daily Star Sunday.

‘That’s all I’m prepared to say. It’s a personal family matter between Chris and Jade.

‘He knew it would come out, of course, but he hopes that they’ll be left alone to get to know each other.’

Chris is married to golfer Natasha Shishmanian.


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