Remember when Chris Evans and TFI Friday brought us THESE jaw-dropping clips?


TFI Friday is making a sensational return to our screens this week and we can’t WAIT!

The cult live show, fronted by Chris Evans, brought us all sorts of madcap moments during the 1990s and this year it’s marking its 19th anniversary with a one-off special on Friday night (obvs!).

Host Chris, 49, is very excited about bringing the show back, despite walking away from it in the summer of 2000 after five successful series.

‘We weren’t that outrageous, just original. The two are often confused,’ the presenter says.

‘This feels like the right time to bring it back. Let’s call it closure. I never got to say goodbye as I left when there were ten shows to go.’

Original is definitely the right word, Chris! Where else would you see bonkers challenges such as Freak Or Unique, Show Us Your Face Then and Ugly Bloke? The show also brought us some amazing celeb guests doing the maddest of things (see Kylie Minogue and Geri Halliwell below).

Check out some of TFI Friday’s best moments EVER…

The guy with stretchy ears on Freak Or Unique

TFI Friday was jam-packed with bizarre features that brought people with unusual skills to our attention. The one that sticks in the mind is the man dubbed ‘Stretch Earstrong’ by Chris, who was brought in to demonstrate that his earlobes could be, well, stretched to quite a shocking extent. Cue gasps from the studio crowd and probably from most viewers at home.

Kylie Minogue and Geri Halliwell’s arm-wrestle

Geri Halliwell kicked off her post-Spice Girls solo career in the late 1990s by taking on Kylie Minogue in an arm-wrestle in the TFI Friday studio – which soon turned into an unexpected snog. Chris was left visibly stunned by the steamy moment.

Noel Gallagher pops by Chris Evans’ house

It’s not everyday you have a massive pop star stop by the house for a chat but this happened on live telly when Oasis star Noel Gallagher visited Chris’s actual house, where the show was being filmed. The straight-talking singer went on to joke that Chris had a mirror shaped like his own head in the bathroom and we still want to know if this was true…

Legendary actor Peter O’Toole reads the lines of Wannabe

There were mega LOLs when guest Peter O’Toole – an award-winning actor who scooped eight Oscar nominations and starred in several epic movies over the years – starred in a segment called ‘Peter O’Toole delivers lines that are plainly beneath him’. Those lines were none other than the lyrics to the Spice Girls hit Wannabe, truly proving how unique TFI Friday was. On what other show would you hear Peter O’Toole reciting: ‘I’ll tell you want I want, what I really really want’?

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