With 14 islanders all living under its roof, it can be hard to find a moment of privacy in the Love Island villa – as Chris Hughes found out in Friday night’s episode.

There he was, just trying to take a shower in peace. But his lady Olivia Attwood and the rest of the girls had different ideas, stealing a look at his WILLY – and from the sounds of things he’s very well endowed.

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Liv – who recoupled with Chris after a brief coupling with now-dumped islander Mike Thalassitis  – couldn’t help stealing a look at the goods as Chris prepared to get into the shower, stripping down to his boxers.

And, as she finally got a good luck at his crown jewels, it all proved a bit too much for her.

‘I can’t even look at that, it makes me feel sick!’ she exclaimed, marching away and into the bedroom.

And when asked by Camilla what was wrong, she replied: ‘The size of his dick is not actually normal.’

Intrigued by Olivia’s report, some of the other girls then giggled their way over to the bathroom to take a look for themselves.

Flashing the girls as he continued to shower, Chris exclaimed: ‘It’s not even hard either!’

But that didn’t prove to be a problem, with the gals impressed by what the saw and confirming it was ‘huge’.

Olivia then quipped: ‘It looks like a baseball bat!’

She then told the girls to ‘pray for Liv’.

Despite being coupled up for a fair while (let’s just forget about that Mike blip, yeah?) Olivia and Chris have not got jiggy on the show yet.

And after this revelation we’re not sure if Chris’ chances have improved or diminished!

But the scenes went down very well with the viewers at home…

Is it hot in here or is it just us?