Chris declared his love in an unromantic setting

Chris O’Dowd confessed his love for Dawn Porter after she got tested for the breast cancer gene.

The Bridesmaids star had been dating Dawn, 34, for a few months in 2009 when she started making a documentary about the disease.

And her decision to find out if she was at risk made Chris realise how much he cared for her.

‘I was worried about her,’ says Chris, 33.

‘She was going to find out if she had the gene. She lost her mum [to breast cancer] when she was seven.

‘It’s not until that moment comes along when it’s very dramatic that you realise your feelings for someone and they were very clear to me.’

So the actor decided to declare his love in an unorthodox setting.

‘I turned up at the kebab shop across the road from her flat with a bottle of champagne and told her I loved her. In the kebab shop,’ he tells The Sunday Times Magazine.

‘And that was that. She’s very kind. She makes me laugh more than anybody else I know, and I know some funny people.’

Chris and Dawn married in August 2012 and will soon celebrate their first anniversary.

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