Bridesmaids actor got married last August

Chris O’Dowd has revealed that he wore a carnival mask during his honeymoon – but was still spotted by eagle-eyed fans.

The Bridesmaids actor tied the knot with TV presenter Dawn Porter last August and the couple headed off on honeymoon a few months later.

But Chris was slightly surprised by how frequently he got spotted during the holiday.

‘The most unusual place I’ve been recognised was during our honeymoon in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve,’ says Chris, 33.

‘I’d been recognised a lot during the day so I wore a mask at night, which everyone else was doing, and people still recognised me with the mask on, which was perturbing.

‘It was like one of those masks from Eyes Wide Shut with the big nose. I was recognised by my beard.’

Even though Chris has clearly got a big following, the grounded actor doesn’t let it go to his head.

‘I’m good at knowing when an opportunity arises and taking it,’ he tells Metro.

‘That’s about it. There are more talented people out there.’

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