Ingrid Tarrant hired private detective to track him

Ingrid Tarrant says she knew Chris was having an affair because she’d hired a private detective to trail him.

She was planning to reveal the details of her husband’s cheating by auctioning off a sealed envelope containing a ‘secret’ about him at a charity event.

But she was beaten to it when this week the 59-year-old Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host publicly confessed to playing away.

Ingrid, 51, has now announced: ‘I became aware of Chris’s infidelity several months ago and eventually gained positve proof from private investigators.

‘I was shocked by the discovery but I successfully disguised my shattered heart and physical decline by putting on a brave face.’

She adds: ‘Unfortunately Chris drew unwelcome attention by behaving indiscreetly in a wine bar which first prompted speculation about our marriage. I tried to contain the issue by describing it as a “storm in a teacup”. However, by then I had already told Chris that our marriage was over.’

Ingrid is thought to be keen to consult Princess Diana’s divorce lawyer Anthony Julius.

The couple have been married for 15 years and have two teenage children together.

They are currently starring in an advert for a Nintendo game to improve memory. Nintendo has said it has no plans to pull the ad because it has sparked a huge boost in sales.