The Dark Knight actor admits he's difficult to live with

Christian Bale has revealed that he suffers from extreme mood swings.

The Batman actor, 34 – who was arrested in connection with a alleged assault on his mum and sister last week – admits he’s a very intense person.

‘Sometimes I’ll get into these strange, dark moods,’ he says.

‘They don’t last very long any more. Ever since my daughter was born, I’ve learned that it doesn’t make sense to be gloomy when you have such beauty and wonder in your life.’

Christian – who has 3-year-old Emmeline with wife Sibi – says he’s lucky that his wife empathises.

‘My wife understands my occasionally obsessive streaks and she just laughs and tells me: “You’re crazy!” And I’ll just laugh right back,’ he says.

The Dark Knight is in cinemas now.

Alison Adey