The Dark Knight star didn't want supporting role in Batman film

Christian Bale has rubbished claims he went up for the part of Robin in 1995 film Batman Forever.

The role went to Chris O’Donnell, 38, but The Dark Knight star was rumoured to have auditioned.

‘I love the crap that is on the internet and on TV – everywhere – it’s not just on the Net,’ he tells Shortlist.

‘Most of the time I never bother trying to put anything right because I’m an actor, and the whole point is it doesn’t matter what’s the truth.

‘But I do have to take a stand on that because I would never have bloody auditioned to play Robin.’

Batman Forever, which starred Val Kilmer, 48, was heavily criticised.

‘It wasn’t a lucky escape because I would never have got myself in that position in the first place,’ Christian, 34, adds.

The Dark Knight is released on 24 July.