Jenny James says the actor's a perfectionist

Christian Bale’s mum Jenny James was upset to hear her son’s expletive-laden tirade on the internet.

The actor launched into a 4-letter rant on the set of Terminator Salvation after he was distracted by director of photography Shane Hurlbut during an emotional scene.

‘I haven’t spoken to Christian about it, but I have listened to most of it and he was clearly very angry,’ Jenny tells the Daily Mirror.

‘People might now realise that that is his temper, and they might understand a bit more.

‘I wish he hadn’t carried this on so long or so fiercely, it was upsetting to hear him.

‘He is a perfectionist and if you are doing an intense scene and someone is spoiling a shot, it takes time to get it back.

‘It sounds as if a lighting engineer got in the shot so I can understand his anger but not the length of the tirade.’

Last year, Christian, 35, was questioned by police after a bust-up with Jenny, 61, and his sister Sharon.

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