Singer blames her chaotic childhood

Christina Aguilera has admitted that’s she’s a control freak.

‘I was raised in a very chaotic environment,’ she explains.

‘We were always moving from one place to another, my father being in the military, and you know, my mother leaving my father, going back and forth.

‘Nothing was ever quite stable or secure for me. So that might definitely have something to do with liking things done in order, in control and my way.

‘I’m a huge organisation freak. Everything is labelled and specified and there’s a place for it.’

Christina, 27, reckons music helped her to deal with her disjointed childhood.

‘As a very young girl there was a lot of domestic violence in the home,’ she tells The Observer Magazine.

‘So I think I just gravitated towards music as an escape.’

Christina is now happlly married to Jordan Bratman, 31, and is mum to 11-month-old son Max Liron.

Alison Adey