Faced with poor sales, Christina Aguilera's playing a Dirrty blame game

Christina Aguilera was once the chart-topper who could boast that her concerts sold out in minutes, but these she’s singing a different tune.

Her latest album Bionic’s only sold 200,000 copies Stateside since its June release and she’s been dubbed Christina Flopiera. Oh dear.

Bizarrely, the singer’s blaming Lady Gaga – who last week admitted she still uses cocaine a couple of times a year’ – for her dwindling sales.

Christina thinks fans saying she’s “Gaga lite” has thwarted her success,’ an insider tells Now.

They’ve slammed her latest image as a poor imitation.’

Now can reveal Christina’s also been forced to accept private gigs after cancelling her summer tour due to low ticket sales.

Christina’s performing at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings,’ says a source. She wanted to charge £1.3 million a time but her hubby Jordan Bratman convinced her to lower it to £157,000 so she’ll get more gigs.

‘It’s embarrassing for someone once so successful to resort to this but blaming Gaga’s just crazy!’

Gaga and Christina’s feud goes back a long way.

Back in 2008, Gaga said Christina was copying her by wearing platinum wigs.

In response, Christina, 29, dismissively said she hadn’t even heard of Lady Gaga – something Gaga’s never forgotten.

Of course Christina knew who she was,’ says the insider.

She thought she could get away with poaching her style because she didn’t anticipate how massive Gaga would become.

‘Since Christina’s been off the radar looking after her son Max [two], she’s been itching to gain the kind of credibility Gaga has.’

In April, Christina said Gaga, 24, wasn’t even worth wasting the breath to comment on’.

She didn’t stop there, saying: I’ve been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for itself.’

Bring on the next round!

See why Christina Aguilera thinks Lady Gaga has copied her style in Now magazine dated 16 September 2010 – out now!

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