Christine McGuinness has lashed out at "ignorant motorists" who question her for parking in a disabled bay.

Christine McGuinness is mum-of-three to daughters Felicity, three, and twins Penelope and Leo, aged five, who she has with husband Paddy McGuinness, and says she’s had enough of having to explain herself to other drivers.

She uploaded an emotional video to her Instagram and tells her followers, “I’m going to try and keep it short because it’s not a happy post so, I hate doing this, I like to keep everything positive but I have to keep it real as well, so basically as many of you know my children are autistic, they are registered disabled so we have a blue badge. I would never in a million years park in a disabled space without my children.”

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She continued: “Today I’ve got all three children with me and I’m getting questioned as to why I’m parking in a disabled space. The man actually said, “You don’t look not disabled” and I said “No I’m not but my children are, just because you can’t see it”. It’s so ignorant and I have to stay calm and where I can I like to take every opportunity to educate people about autism but this is getting beyond. It’s not fair now, you might not be able to see the disability but you can see the blue badge so don’t question me. What the f*** is wrong with people.”

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I fully understand that not everyone can ‘see’ autism, but surely we can all be polite, understanding, open minded, less nosey, less judgmental.. and KIND!. I like to keep my page positive so I didn’t want to post this but if it helps educate one person.. you might think about ‘hidden disabilities’ before approaching someone for parking in a disabled bay and this might save another family some un necessary heartache. I don’t use the blue badge because I want to, it’s because I need to.. but I get questioned 9/10 times I use it.

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“Do you know, honestly I’ve just had enough of people’s ignorance, I just try and keep everything happy and I’ll get over this but it’s just been half-term, it’s been hard, the kids haven’t had a routine and I’ve just had enough now.

“Just if you see someone parked in a disabled space, if they’ve got a blue badge there you don’t need to question it.”

It comes as Christine admits she is questions nine out of ten times.

Peter Andre has sent his support, telling Christine, “You’re a great mum” in his comment on her post.

And fans are sympathising with her situation. One wrote, “It’s good you are raising awareness about this ignorance as it happens far too often.”