The pantomime dame immediately faces Bushtucker Trial

Christopher Biggins joined I’m A Celeb last night.

The pantomime dame, 59, becomes the 11th contestant on the ITV reality show.

‘I like to put on a clean pair of knickers every day, which I hope I will be able to,’ he said on arriving.

‘I don’t do my own washing, I don’t do my own ironing. I have people who do that. This is going to be a problem.’

His laundry issues are likely to irritate bossy Janice Dickinson, 52, who has been at the centre of rows already.

On his arrival, Christopher went straight into a Bushtucker Trial with the ex-supermodel.

They both had to put their heads in tanks full of creepy crawlies to collect stars. Janice hates spiders but she and Chris managed to get 7 stars.

Meanwhile, former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins bagged 10 meals out of 10 in her terrifying Bushtucker Trial, where she was suspended 200ft from the ground in a coffin filled with 20,000 cockroaches.