Actress tells how her father saved her life

Claire Goose has revealed how she went through three health scares in the space of one year.

The 31-year-old discovered lumps in her breasts twice in 2001. Then later that year, she found a lump on her back that turned out to be cancerous.

The actress, who played nurse Tina Seabrook in hospital drama Casualty, reveals the ordeal was made more emotional because her doctor father operated on her to remove the lump.

She tells the Daily Express’s Saturday: ‘He found having to operate on his own daughter quite upsetting.’

Claire adds: ‘That was the weirdest thing – I wasn’t scared, but I haven’t realised the effect it was having on everyone else.’

Thankfully, Claire is now over the ordeal and she intends to marry fiancé Craig Woodrow next summer.

She says: ‘That episode was a blip – generally, I’m really healthy.’

Muzakkir Iqbal