After years of yo-yo dieting, Steps singer Claire Richards has finally come to terms with her figure

Claire Richards might have a history of yo-yoing with her weight but, as she reveals in a new interview with Essentials magazine, she’s finally achieved body confidence regardless of her size.

Claire Richards’ baby heartache


The Steps singer, 38, has seen her figure dramatically fluctuate over time and is now down to a slim size 10 after shedding 6st over the past two years.

Claire’s feeling better about herself than she ever has before, though confesses that this positive body image started BEFORE she’d lost the pounds.

‘I feel more comfortable in my own skin now, but that started before I lost the weight,’ she explains.

‘I did the Steps tour as a size 16 and that was a huge learning curve. I’m not as skinny as the others, but I can do my job and give it as hard as anyone else, no matter what size I am.’

Claire was confident enough when she was fuller figured to do Celebrity Big Brother in January 2013 and admits that it really helped her to feel at ease with herself.

‘I was worried, but I don’t remember getting any stick for my size,’ she says. ‘It felt like there was an acceptance and I needed that.’

The blonde star’s main motivation for slimming down was the fact that she hoped to have a third child with husband Reece Hill.

Unfortunately, despite losing a lot of weight, the couple have struggled to conceive and have yet to give their son Charlie, 8, and daughter Daisy, 5, a little brother or sister.

‘The only reason I decided to try and lose weight afterwards [after CBB] was really because we wanted a baby and it just wasn’t happening,’ she admits.

Claire is still smiling though despite her baby heartache and says that she and Reece are ‘as tight as ever’.

She continues to keep healthy too and focuses on eating a balanced diet rather than working out with a personal trainer.

‘I just don’t sit down any more,’ says Claire.

‘I walk everywhere and since we’ve moved to a house with a bigger kitchen, I find I spend more time standing by the breakfast bar talking to the kids instead of going straight to the sofa and turning on the TV.’

Keep up the good work, Ms Richards!

For the full interview see the October issue of Essentials, on sale now.

Anna Francis