Strictly Come Dancing presenter is enjoying getting older

Claudia Winkleman has admitted that she isn’t interested in staying young – and can’t wait to embrace old age.

The Strictly Come Dancing host believes that we should all stop trying to hold back the years and enjoy ageing more.

I don’t want to stay young, I’m done with that,’ says Claudia, 41.

We shouldn’t try and stay young, we should all buy heavy tweed blankets and get cats. I want a trolley on wheels.

The obsession with looking young is bizarre because the people I think look fabulous are getting old with aplomb and don’t give a toss.’

Claudia, who has three children with film producer husband Kris Thykier, thinks that personality is much more important than looks.

I hope I never get tempted for a new face or new boobs,’ Claudia tells The Sun.

I don’t think I will, because that can’t be the point – your exterior. If you’re funny and you’re clever and you read books, occasionally you can bake a cake and you sleep a lot, what else do you need?’

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