Perez Hilton has revealed the real sufferings of Celebrity Big Brother housemates

The explosive scenes viewers saw on their TV screens were just the tip of the iceberg for traumatised Celebrity Big Brother contestants, according to Perez Hilton.

Speaking in his only press interview on Loose Women, with host and fellow CBB contestant Nadia Sawalha, Perez revealed the extent to which the stars really suffered in the isolated house.

‘For three weeks, I could barely sleep in the house,’ revealed Perez. ‘At night the shutters come down and it’s completely dark.’

Nadia added:‘You’re locked into the bedroom, you can’t get out. It’s terrifying! Lots of people were having panic attacks. You’ve got no sense of time or space or anything.’

Perez added that several people in the house were on medication to help them relax and get a good night’s kip.

‘Yes [it’s claustrophobic]! The house gave me anxiety,’ explained Perez. ‘Several people were taking Xanax. I wish I could have taken one of theirs, but – “you’re not allowed because you’re taking medication in the house”.’

Speaking about the incident in which he stood by the bed of ex-housemate Alexander O’Neal, coughing relentlessly and causing an almighty row, Perez explained that he felt the need to see a doctor to acquire some sleeping pills after lack of shut-eye left him unwell for a week and a half – but Big Brother refused to release him from the tightly-locked room.

‘They tell us in the house that the Diary Room is there whenever you need it… That night, I went into the bathroom and I was saying into my mic, “please Big Brother, I need to go to the Diary Room now!” Repeating that line over and over for 10 minutes. Then I’d go out, I’d see if the red light was off in the bedroom, see if they’d let me up, and they didn’t!

‘I said, “If you’re not going open the door I will cough and it might wake some roommates up and that might upset them. Please don’t make me do that. I just want to go to the Diary Room.” I was in the bathroom for over 15 minutes begging to be let out of the bedroom – but they wouldn’t let me out. I thought, if waking housemates up is what it will take, then I’ll do it.’

Perez claims to have eventually been issued sleeping pills by a doctor to get him through the nights. But according to fellow housemate Kavana, who was evicted on the same night as Perez, it wasn’t all quite as dramatic as it sounds.

‘I didn’t see a panic attack ever and apparently [Perez] said he’s on prescription medication for sleep. He argued with the psychologist, who is a trained psychologist for many many years, and he thinks he was prescribed heavy, heavy drugs when that was just Nitol.’

We don’t know exactly what’s going on in there, but it sounds like there’s a lot of drama in the CBB house that were not always told about. Yikes!

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