Top model’s clean-cut image is jeopardised by tabloid sting

Jodie Kidd stands to lose £500,000 a year in work, following allegations she supplied cocaine to undercover journalists.

Jodie has kept a low profile since the News of The World claimed she’d obtained three grammes of cocaine worth £150 for their reporters, who were posing as businessmen.

The paper alleges she openly boasted about knowing a string of drug dealers.

Asked whether the cocaine was of good quality, Jodie reportedly said: ‘I’d do it. I’m not going to do s**t. It’s not the best but it’s what we can do at half past twelve at night.’

Jodie’s agents have carefully developed a healthy, sporty image for the 28-year-old, who is well-known for her links to polo and motor sport.

She also has close aristocratic ties, and is known to be friendly with Princes Harry and William.

After the publication of the allegations, M&S chief executive Stuart Rose told the Daily Mail,
‘I don’t know what the facts are, but I condemn all drug users.’

Over the weekend Marks & Spencer dropped the 28-year-old beauty as the face of their in-store credit cards.

The great-granddaughter of publishing tycoon Lord Beaverbrook, also lists Boots, LG Electronics, Channel 4 and luxury car maker Maserati among her regular clients.

Jodie’s representatives have been unavailable for comment.

Phil Boucher