Couple sign up for Coca-Cola ad campaign

Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin are set to advertise Coca-Cola in their first joint advertising campaign.

The pair will be pictured swigging the fizzy drink on billboards and in magazines across the country. And while England player Rooney, 21, will be sipping new sugar-free Coke Zero, Coleen, 20, will stick to girl’s favourite Diet Coke.

A source tells The Sun: ‘This can be seen as the beginning of Wayne and Coleen’s commercial entity.

‘Just like Posh and Becks, Coleen and Wayne come as package – and a very profitable one. When Becks lost his place in the England squad, his marketability suffered.

‘This is the beginning of the Wayne and Coleen era.’

The couple may be a dream come true – as far as advertisers are concerned – but we’d take the Diet Coke break guy over Wayne any day.