Wayne Rooney's fiancée flies to US for last-minute alterations

Coleen McLoughlin has had to fly to New York because her wedding dress no longer fits.

The WAG’s £100,000 Marchesa bridal gown is now said to be too big.

‘Coleen was panic-stricken when she tried the dress on as she had not realised how much weight she had lost,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘The dress is the most important thing — you cannot blame her for travelling all that way to have it altered.’

The 22-year-old’s weight does fluctuate and she admitted she was concerned about putting on a few pounds recently.

‘I tend to stop and start when it comes to fitness and diet,’ she told OK! ‘Before I went to Miami [for my hen party] I was going to the gym lots but since I have come back I’ve slacked a bit.

‘So I need to start getting back into gear for the wedding. Because the weather has been so great all you want to do is eat, drink and go out all the time!’

Coleen’s efforts to quickly slim again must have worked a little better than she’d hoped.

‘I don’t want to change dramatically,’ she explained. ‘I still want to be me in the wedding dress and to look toned and healthy.’

Wayne, 22, and Coleen will marry in Italy next month.